Jun 28 2024

Understanding Micropollutants and How Puragen Activated Carbons Can Help

What Are PFAS Chemicals?

PFAS, or Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, encompass over 4,700 man-made chemicals. Since the 1940s, they have been integral in diverse industries due to their resistance to heat, water and oil. PFAS's presence in everyday products like non-stick cookware, water-repellent fabrics, fire-fighting foams and food packaging is notable. However, it's their robust carbon-fluorine bonds that grant them the 'forever chemicals' nickname, leading to significant environmental persistence.


Common Industries and Products Containing PFAS

PFAS, due to their unique properties, are used in a wide array of industries and products. PFAS-group chemicals are typically found in the following:
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Food Packaging
  • Cookware Industry
  • Textile and Apparel
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Construction and Building Materials
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
  • Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace and Defense Industries

Why are PFAS Concerning for the Environment, People, and Wildlife?

Environmental Impact:
PFAS compounds are found globally, from remote Arctic regions to urban ecosystems. Their environmental persistence leads to bioaccumulation, posing a threat to various ecosystems. In water systems, PFAS can be harmful even in minuscule concentrations.

Impact on Humans:
PFAS exposure in humans is linked to several health issues, including cancer, immune system impacts, and thyroid hormone disruption. These concerns are underscored by studies indicating widespread PFAS presence in the population.

Impact on Wildlife:
Animals, especially aquatic species and predators, are at risk from PFAS. These chemicals can cause reproductive, developmental, and systemic issues in wildlife, echoing the severity of their environmental impact.

Puragen’s Advanced Solutions for PFAS Abatement

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of activated carbons, Puragen Activated Carbons offers innovative solutions for PFAS abatement:

Diverse Activated Carbon Range:
Puragen Activated Carbons offers a broad range of activated carbon products, including coal, coconut shell, and wood-based carbons under the OxPure® brand. The OxPure® CH range, specifically optimized for PFAS abatement, is pivotal in capturing these contaminants from water streams.

Spent carbons from PFAS removal applications are processed to prevent secondary contamination, showcasing our commitment to environmental safety.

Customized Solutions and Services:
Puragen acknowledges the uniqueness of each PFAS contamination case, offering tailored solutions through a combination of the best activated carbon media and application knowledge.

Regulatory Compliance and Global Reach:
Complying with the latest quality, environmental and health & safety standards, Puragen's products meet stringent regulatory requirements. Our global sourcing capability ensures the best carbons at competitive prices, bolstered by an active R&D program linked to our parent company, Invica Industries.

Water Treatment Applications:
Puragen's activated carbons, including powdered (PAC) and granular (GAC) forms, are vital in water purification. Their applications span municipal drinking water treatment, industrial process water, groundwater remediation, and more. These carbons are effective in removing a wide range of chemicals, including PFAS, from water streams.

Abating PFAS With Puragen Activated Carbons

PFAS contamination is a critical environmental and health challenge. With our extensive product range, advanced reactivation facilities, and tailored solutions, we are proud to be at the forefront of addressing this issue; ensuring cleaner and safer environments for future generations.

For more information and guidance regarding PFAS and our water treatment services, please contact our team at Puragen Activated Carbons today - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it...