Food Grade Activated Carbon


Puragen Activated Carbons products are often used to make beverages look and taste better. Many food and beverage products require activated carbon to improve purity, appearance, or other sensory characteristics.

Activated carbon is made from organic material with a high natural carbon content. Wood, peat, and coconut husk are among the most common sources. The material is slowly heated in a low-oxygen environment. This results in a product known as char, which is then activated through physical and/or chemical processing to vastly increase its surface area and create a submicroscopic network of pores.

Through the process of adsorption, targeted compounds are attracted to the activated carbon’s surface molecules, where they bond to create a sort of film. The vast surface area and porous network ensure that compounds can make their way to all available sites.   In the food and beverage industry, common applications for Puragen Activated Carbons products include treating cane sugar, purifying edible oils, removing color from fruit juices, modifying flavor characteristics in alcoholic beverages, and improving food additive flavors. These activated carbons also play a key role in making certain food ingredients safe to eat.



From the producers of fruit juice to distilled spirits, our beverage producing customers both and quench the thirst of consumers everywhere with the use of Puragen Activated Carbons’s granulated and powdered activated carbon products.

For alcoholic beverage processors, activated carbon is used to remove off flavors and colors as well as other by products of fermentation.  Juices and other fruit-based beverages often contain natural but undesirable compounds that can affect color, flavor, and odor. Activated carbon gives food scientists more control over these beverages.

Edible Oils

Crude nut and vegetable oils are typically treated with bleaching earth to remove color bodies. Puragen Activated Carbons products are used to remove color as well as remove polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), a regulated compound in the European Union. This creates purer oils that meet the highest standards for safety and quality.


Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVPs) and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are common additives used in the food industry to enhance flavor. Puragen Activated Carbons's high quality powdered activated carbon lighten and refine the flavor of these food additives.

Food Chemicals

Among the more common food chemicals are natural glycerin and citric acid. Both are used to craft novel textures and tastes, but both can contain compounds that mar the finished food product. Puragen Activated Carbons's products are used to remove color and odor-causing substances from these chemicals.


Sugar and other sweeteners contain organic compounds that can compromise the taste, texture, and appearance of the finished food product. Puragen Activated Carbons offers high purity powdered and granular activated carbon (PAC and GAC) with the accurate pore size distribution (PSD) to purify sweeteners.


If you need guidance in finding the right activated carbon solution for your specific needs, please contact our team of trained professionals for assistance.


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